2 fl oz Ready-to-Feed Liquid Product Recall FAQs

What happened? Why is Abbott recalling certain 2 fl oz ready-to-feed liquid products?

Abbott is initiating a proactive, voluntary recall of certain lots of 2 fl oz/59 ml bottles of ready-to-feed liquid products, including the brands Similac Pro-Total Comfort®, Similac® 360 Total Care®, Similac® 360 Total Care® Sensitive, Similac® Special Care® 24, Similac® Stage 1, Similac® Water (Sterilized), Similac® NeoSure®, and Pedialyte® Electrolyte Solution. These 2 fl oz ready-to-feed liquid products are manufactured at the Columbus, Ohio facility. We are voluntarily initiating this recall because a small percentage of bottles in the recalled lots have bottle caps that may not have sealed completely, which could result in product spoilage.

These products are also produced on another manufacturing line not impacted by this recall so it’s important to verify the lot number on the bottom or the side of the bottle to determine if it is included in the recall.

2 fl oz ready-to-feed liquid products included in this voluntary recall:

  • US - certain lots of Similac 360 Total Care, Similac 360 Total Care Sensitive, Similac Special Care 24, Similac Pro-Total Comfort, Similac NeoSure, Pedialyte Electrolyte Solution
  • Canada - 1 lot of Pedalyte Electrolyte Solution; 1 lot of Similac Water (Sterilized)
  • Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Curacao, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica - 1 lot of Similac 360 Total Care Sensitive 
  • Puerto Rico, Curacao, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Haiti, St. Thomas, St. Croix - 1 lot of Similac 360 Total Care
  • Panama - 2 lots of Similac Pro-Total Comfort 
  • Dominican Republic - 1 lot of Similac Stage 1 
  • Colombia - 1 lot of Similac Stage 1 


What would happen if I fed this product to my baby?

Intake of a spoiled formula product could result in gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.


Where are these products used?

These products are used in hospitals, doctor’s offices and sold through retail outlets.


What if I have this product at home?

If your product is included in the recall, immediately discontinue use of the product and contact Abbott customer service at 1-800-986-8540 for further instructions. For all feeding-related questions or questions related to your child’s health, contact your healthcare provider.

To identify if your product is included in the recall:

First, locate the lot number printed on the bottom of the 2 fl oz (59 ml) bottle or on the side of the label on the bottle. Click HERE to check the lot numbers included in the recall. 

FOR RETAIL:  There are different lot numbers printed on the outer carton than on the bottle.  Click HERE to check the lot numbers included in the recall. 


Why won’t the retailer let me return the product? 

We are sorry for the inconvenience. You can click HERE to see if your product is included in the recall. If it is, please contact us at 1-800-986-8540.


What if my product was not included in the recall?

If your product is not affected by the recall, no action is necessary, and you can continue to use it.


Is this recall related to the Sturgis, Michigan, plant?

This recall is not related to the Sturgis powder recall.


Does the recall include EleCare or metabolic formulas?

This recall does not include any powdered formula brands of any kind, any amino-acid based or metabolic deficiency nutrition formulas, or any liquid brands other than 2 fl. oz bottles from specific lots of Similac® Pro-Total Comfort, Similac® 360 Total Care, Similac® 360 Total Care Sensitive, Similac® Special Care 24, and Similac® Stage 1 Ready-to-Feed.