Impacted lots will start with a 22 through 37, not including the letter at the beginning. Example: L31465SH00

If your lot number is outside of this range, your lot is not impacted.

Go to the FAQ page for further guidance.

Please find the Lot Number on your product. Enter this information in the form fields below and hit Search.

Please provide alphanumeric lot number Lot number is required

Enter the first 7 characters of the lot number in the lot search field starting with 22 through 37. Example: L31465SH00

Your entry needs to start with a number.


The Lot Number should be located on the bottom of the container.

Your Lot Number is part of the recall.

Please return this product to the retailer where you purchased it.


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Your product isn't currently included in the recall.

Thank you for checking your product and being a valued customer. We sincerely regret the concern and inconvenience this recall causes. No further action is necessary at this time.